Our Mission

We launched Root Pax in 2019 to help make the world a slightly better place. Inspired by brands with similar missions, our aim from day one has been to provide people with awesome backpacks that help educate people about the causes that beset our society, and also inspire people to become happier and healthier versions of themselves. We believe that in order to help others, you have to help yourself first. This is why personal growth is such a large part of our mission. What does Root Pax mean? We love the word Root because to us it means foundation, strength, vitality, and growth. We loved the word Pax because Pax in latin means peace and one of our main goals is to bring more peace to the world through giving, collaboration, and self actualization.
Through raising awareness and improving ourselves we can make progress together. 10% of the purchase from each bag goes directly towards efforts to improve these issues for people around the world. 
Root Pax is a true American business. All of our backpacks are sewn in Pennsylvania and shipped from Maryland in the United States of America.